CCW Turmoil Unleashed


Live From The Littlejohn Coliseum in Clemson, South Carolina! It's Tuesday Night Turmoil!

Can you feel the excitment from this crowd tonight? Welcome everyone to another edition of Tuesday Night Turmoil! I am Johnathon Rivers joined as always with my partner in crime Double S!

Rivers let's skip the intro's tonight, justice was served best at Consequence! DnD are the NEW World Tag Team Champions! Finally no more Cry Baby INC. hogging the gold, it's Brad's and Double A's time to shine!


hy Brad and Double A did shock the world last night indeed, but what about the crowning of a new CCW Champion. Seth Irving did exactly what he set out to do and captured the CCW Championship after a hard faught battle with Nathan Gaines.

Seth finally ended the wimpy Cinderella story that was Nathan Gaines fluke win over Malu. Finally things are becoming much more clear after the draft.


hy Will you knock it off already Scott? I think it's time to move on with the night and what a show we have in store. The #1 Contender for the TV Title Carlos Cruz will tackle one half of the new World Tag Team Champions, Brad Bauer. Our new CCW Champion Seth Irving faces off against Vincent Valmont and another edition of Tea Time with The Air!

The new school will take on the old school in an over the top rope battle royale to finish off the night! Versus, Double A, Deano Horse, and Chris Ryder shall pit it out in an all out war! But now the moment everyone has been waiting for...our NEW World Tag Team Champions Drunk n' Disorderly!




Bauer unstraps his title and drapes it over the turnbuckle in one corner. Double A takes his off and puts it on his shoulder. Bauer requests a mic. There is a mixed reaction from the crowd.

Bauer: Irony....Oh sweet Irony. BRADBauer!!!

Bauer Pauses as the fans stir a little bit..the fans then outburst BRADBauer!!!

Bauer: 6 months ago...This man (points at Double A) did a brave thing...

Crowd: BRADBauer!!!

Double A nods his head in approval.

Bauer: This man walked away from an organization that was beneath him...

Bauer pauses again and makes a gesture with his hand, placing it below Double A's chest to signify it was beneath him. The crowd reacts with cheers.

Bauer: Double A accepted an offer from OCW, perhaps a lower offer than he is actually worth...but an offer nontheless. Much to my surprise, Double A took that offer.

Crowd gets louder with cheers

Bauer: He was ridiculed, and belittled, and torn down by each and every son of a bitch in that locker-room...night in, and night out. BRADBauer!!!

Crowd: BRADBauer!!!

Bauer pauses and pats Double A on his shoulder.

Bauer: And then he started to make a name for himself. He got off the late night dog and pony show that he dominated for so long...and he stepped out into Primetime cable television, and made a believer out of everybody in this arena, including myself.

Double A nods again in approval.

Bauer: One month after Double A broke ground in OCW, I was well on my way to becoming a Champion. A Champion of the World!!!...BRADBauer!!!

Crowd: BRADBauer!!!

Double A motions for them to pipe down..Crowd begins to boo.

Bauer:'s alright...They are right. Despite the gold its made of, that belt is NO WORLD Championship. That belt is worth less than Adrian Bold's underwear.

Crowd Pops

Bauer: I thought to myself, what are you doing Brad?

Crowd: BRADBauer!!

Bauer: I mean really....what is the point of being a called a Champion...if you are a Champion of Losers? Brad Bauer is NO CHAMPION OF LOSERS!!! BRADBauer!!!

Crowd: BRADBauer!!!

Bauer: Therefore, one short month after Double A packed up and moved into the big leagues. BRAD BAUER...did the same. I mean hell, if anybody was going to ridicule....belittle, and kick the crap out of Double A...then IT WAS GOING TO BE ME!!! BRADBauer!!!

Crowd: BRADBauer!!!

Double A's smile goes away, he pulls his belt down from his shoulder and holds it to his side.

Bauer: Easy big man...easy...afterall, I did put the whooping on you twice...

Bauer holds up two fingers

Bauer: But that's not what we are here to talk about tonight. No...the fact of the matter is...

Bauer goes over to the corner and picks up his title. He holds it high in the air and walks towards the edge of the ring looking up the aisleway and ramp.

Bauer: Brad Bauer arrived on your doorstep via Taxicab, WHICH I PAID FOR... 5 months ago to a red carpet ceremony with fake astroturf carpeting and midgets holding up sparklers...and now I stand before you, A CHAMPION!!!!

Crowd Pops

Bauer: (In a slight whisper) BRADBauer....

Crowd: BRADBauer!!!

Bauer: So,to everybody in the back, all of the people in this arena, and for everybody watching at home on Television....take your Xerox jokes, your reject comments, and XEROX THIS!!!!

Bauer motions to his ass

Bauer: BRADBauer!!!

Crowd Boos...Bauer hands the Mic over to Double A. Double A places his title belt over Brad's shoulder. Bauer now sports both belts on his shoulders.

Double A: Looky what we have here....a Redneck Wonderland...

Crowd Boos

Double A: I was wondering before I came into this arena. How do they let 10,000 screaming...stinking...sweating animals into this joint?

Crowd yells " You Suck "

Double A: Anyways, down to business. After we decimated Revolution Inc at Consequence I...

Crowd Interrupts in Boos.

Double A: Ahem... As I was saying. After we destroyed Revolution Inc, we left that arena thinking two things. 1. Why the hell do we have to go to South Carolina. Where the motto stands, "Where the men are men, and the sheep are scared."

Boos become extremely louder. AA waits for them to calm down. Bauer leans on over the top rope smiling at the front row

Double A : The second thing is, how the hell did we become champions in less than 5 months?

Double A Ponders for a second, then gets a serious look on his face.

Double A : ITS SIMPLE!! We put the "D" in Dysfunction. We hate each other more than we hate you. Which makes us light a fire underneaths each others asses, before each match.

Crowd laughs as AA's "ass" reference

Double A: Shuddup! you hicks know what I mean.

Bauer grabs the mic, looking annoyed at his stupidity as he hands Double A back his title.

Bauer: They say we are the most Dysfunctional Team in all of OCW and CCW. I say, we are the most Dysfunctional Team in the WORLD....

Crowd Pops

Bauer: And the most dysfunctional team may not get along...but did manage to get the job done at Consequence! BRADBauer!!!

Crowd: BRADBauer!!

Confetti drops from atop the rafters, Intoxication by Disturbed plays. Bauer and Double A each stand in a corner holding up their newly won OCW/CCW Tag Team Championships.


hy Well the World Tag Team Championship have definatley added to DnD's egos.



hy Don't even try and start that.

. . . . . BRADBauer!


hy Great...hold on a sec...I'm getting word that Matt Spears has refused to team with Kavito for tonights EX Tag Team Match. Apparently this has caused a massive ruckus backstage and Mr. Richards has had no choice but to cancell that match tonight...Trisha Waltrip has more on this with Matt Spears.


Trisha: Matt tonight you screwed over your tag partner Kavito and has caused a major problem backstage. Mr. Richards even had to cancell this evenings bout due to your actions. We want to know why?

Matt Spears: You see Trisha people need to know that I am no door mat for aboustly no one.

Trisha: What do you mean?

Matt Spears: I mean what I said, there’s only one partner I team with and you will all find out come the CCW tournament.

Trisha: No clues or anything no?

Matt Spears: You’re another idiot just like kavito and the rest of CCW. All you need to know is I have a partner and together we kick ass. CCW will regret the day they messed with matt spears, get it? Got it? Good! Oh and i have a little statement for Crisis this week so be sure to watch.


hy What a jerk that Matt Spears is. I hope he gets whats coming to him soon.



Cameras are in DnD's locker-room, Bauer and Double A are changing for their matches. Vincent Valmont comes strolling in proud and standing tall.

Vincent: Hey guys, congrat's on winning the tag titles back at Consequence.

Bauer and Double A look at each other and roll their eyes.

Vincent: So...I have a match tonight with Seth Irving...the new CCW Champion!!!

Crowd Boos

Bauer: No you don't...

Vincent: Wha...What?

Double A: You heard him...

Vincent: I don't understand?

Bauer stands up and puts a hand on Vincent's shoulder.

Bauer: Vinnie, I'm not going to let you go out there and job to Seth Irving....

Double A:'ll make us look bad.

Bauer: So I told Richards that you couldn't make it...

Vincent: WHAT?

Bauer: Yeah, I told him you had Osteoporosis or something.

Vincent: BRAD!!! Why would you-

Bauer: Look Vinnie, it's for your own good. Now be a good lackey and go get me and Double A some champagne and a couple of broads from the crowd. AND NO FATTIES THIS TIME!!! Last time I couldn't get them off of Double A.

Double A: What can I say, fat chicks dig me....

Bauer: Don't worry Vinnie, one day, I'll forgive you for letting that little bastard steal our money.

Double A: I won't. Bauer's the only reason I haven't killed you yet. I need him in order to help defend my new championship...otherwise...I would have already dimed you both out to the Corleones and you'd both be wearing cement slippers right now.

Bauer shoves Vincent out of the room.

Bauer: I'll be damned if that sorry excuse for a sidekick gets a match against the Champion before either one of us do!

Double A: Speaking of Jobbers, who you got tonight?

Bauer: Paco Valdez??? I don't know. He's one of those mexicans.

Double A: Do you think I can get him to landscape my yard?

Bauer: I don't know, I don't speak mexican...ask him yourself. What I do know, is that he's going to be sorry he got drafted to CCW in a few minutes.

Bauer exits the locker-room. Double A stands up and looks into the shower area, you can't see behind the wall.

Double A: Now that Brad is gone, I have you all to myself. I can see why Brad likes to shower with you....Look at those...why, they have to be the best pair that I've ever seen! I'm glad I have two hands.

Double A reaches into the shower area and pulls out both Tag Team Title belts that were hanging on the towel rack in there for some reason.

The Crowd Pops

Bauer: AHEM....(Bauer Coughs)

Double A turns around.

Bauer: I almost forgot....

Bauer extends his hand, Double A frowns and hands him his title. Bauer straps it on as he's leaving the locker-room. Double A regains his smile.

Double A: Well, I still have you...

Double A notices a six pack of beer sitting on the bench next to the lockers...

Double A: And I still have you too!

:: Double A holds his title up in the air, and kisses it before tossing it over the bench and opening the pack of beer.

Now that is just plain dirty tactics those two are pulling. Vincent has every right to face Seth just as DnD does.

Oh who cares Rivers, it's all about Bauer and Double A. Vinny Valmints can wait.


hu His name is Vincent Valmont.






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