CCW Turmoil Unleashed



CCW staff places all Victorian furniture in the wrestling ring. From the teatime table, too the couch and chair. Also trolling around this time is a second small little table obviously for the CCW belt.

The Air: Welcome CCW champion Seth Irving. Nice having you here so fast after your victory over Nathain Gaines on last Sunday’s Consequence.

Irving puts his CCW belt on the small table while the camera zooms in on the belt. While Irving goes sits down on the couch he lays his legs also on the couch. The Air wanting too say something about it, gets one bad look of Irving and keeps his mouth shut. Meanwhile Doodles is lurking like a magpie at the shiny CCW belt.

The Air sits down in his chair: Well first question first what kind of tea do you want?

Irving uninterested: Devil’s tea you got that!?

The Air: Thanks to our sponsor PICKWICK we got any kind of tea. So in short yes we got that. Doodles tea please? Doodles?

Doodles is however enchanted by the shiny object called the CCW belt.


Doodles wakes up and begins to serve the tea. Meanwhile the Air continues his questions

The Air: Well Seth you …

Seth Irving: It’s Mr. Irving for you!

The Air: Well right … eh Mr Irving. You came of a big victory of Nathan Gaines and becoming the new CCW champion. How did you experience this, what has to be the great moment in your life?

Seth Irving: AIR… I must say being able to hold my CCW World title over my head is an experience I never want to forget or let end. Sunday night was one of the greatest nights I have ever had. As I proved every single person wrong that has said I would never be able to accomplish something like this.

Doodles after pouring in the tea for Irving. Looks to be pulled too the CCW belt magically . He stands in front of it and is amazed by what for him is a foreign shiny object.

The Air sips his tea: Well now you finally won …

Irving annoyed: What you mean by finally? If it wasn’t for management I would have gotten a title sooner. Hell they screwed me over with that North American Title suddenly putting Chris Mania in the fray. So I actually had too screw some people back too get the CCW title and I deserve any darn bit of it.

The Air: Ok! Now you’ve won the CCW belt what are your future plans for CCW and are you gonna screw some more people around?

Irving even more annoyed: What you mean screw more people around?

Irving suddenly noticing Doodles is well very close too the CCW belt: And what is your damn monkey staring at my CCW belt! He’d better not touch it!

At this point Doodles grabs the CCW belt and runs away backstage.

Irving: Damn you and your freaking monkey, Air!

Irving runs first backstage chasing after the monkey. The Air follows Irving and while the camera is trying to keep up

The Air: Well ladies and gentlemen I think this a great time too go too a commercial break. Till then.

Both men run backstage chasing Doodles while the camera zooms out and goes to the commercial break.


Backstage The Air and Seth Irving are still chasing Doodles. Doodles goes outside the arena and heads too The Air’s trailer. Air and Seth meet up with Doodles as the scene unfolds inside the trailer. We see Doodles sitting on a table in the middle of the room holding the CCW belt and The Air and Seth Irving in the door opening.

Irving: Finally we met up with that crazed monkey. He’d better not do anything to my Belt or I’ll have you for it Air!

Air: Now, now relax this is just monkey business. He sees a shiny object and he wants it. Come on Doodles give us back that CCW belt.

Doodles shakes his head and raises his arms in the sky: Oe Oe ie ie ah ah (No! No! I’m CCW champion! I’m CCW Champion!)

Air: Now your not the CCW champion. Seth Irving is now give him back his belt.

Doodles: ie ah ah ie oe oe ie (No! it’s mine. He tricks people and I tricked him, I’m CCW champion!)

Irving: Now you fr****g monkey give back my title before I’ll pounce you into the ground!

Irving steps towards Doodles who is still holding the CCW belt. Doodles flees away over the table onto the chair and up the closet. Seth Irving tries too capture the monkey but misses and crushes the wooden chair and breaks the closet door. Doodles jumps of the closet onto the Air’s head. The Air tries to grab Doodles, but before he can Doodles already jumps onto the kitchen sink. Seth even further enraged by this runs at Air who can narrowly sidestep out of the way and thus Seth busts down the whole kitchen. Air looks amazed by the damage the champion is doing too his trailer as Doodles jumps on the bed and onto the Stereo. Seth runs like a mad man too the monkey, but Doodles yet again eludes him and jumps onto the couch, which let’s Seth crashes into the 500 dollar costing Stereo system. At this point Air finally can say something.


Irving looks up and coldly says: Not until I got my belt back.

Air: Ok ok, if you just stop I got an idea too get your belt back.

Irving: I’m listening.

The Air walks up too 40 inch Plasma Television with build in DVD player and turns it on. As both Irving and Doodles await what the Air is doing. The Air then walks too the broken closet and gets out a DVD labelled “Monkey guide to love making: Porn for monkey’s”.

Doodles sees the TV turned on and looks curious he then sees the following and is instantly compelled by it:


The Air: Quick now Mr Irving! Get the belt now he is distracted!

While Seth moves too the CCW belt Doodles immediately begins too jack off (not many know this but as Doodles seen Brad Bauer a few hundred times busy with his penis pump he became quite the expert at jacking off). Just as Seth Irving gets a grip on the belt. Doodles jacking off takes into effect and cums all over the centre plate of the CCW belt.

The Air wittedly remarks: Well seems the CCW belt does it’s name honour.

Irving looks disgusted at his Cum Covered Wrestling belt: You think this is funny Air! I’ll have you for this!

The Air: Well come on lighten up. I actually should be mad at you for destroying half of my trailer.


Thus a classic Benny Hill chase scene follows around The Air’s Trailer including the classic Benny Hill chasing music: do do do do do dooo dooo doo dooo dooo dooo as Seth Irving with his Cum Covered Wrestling Belt chases after the Air.

Meanwhile Doodles lays satisfied inside the Air’s trailer and lights up a cigarette.

Doodles with a relaxing monkey voice closes the show: Oe oe ie oe ah ah ie ie ah oe! (Well ladies and gentlemen this was tonight’s broadcast of Tea Time with Doodles. I hope my assistant The Air will be back with us next week otherwise I’ll do a Tea Time alone. Goodnight and God Bless! Doodle out!)

Y I can't help but feel violated.

We are so cancelled.

Bauer approaches the entrance to the arena, Michael Heaton passes by.

Heaton: Hey, look, it's Brad JOBauer.

Crowd Pops

Bauer: Congratulations on your win the other night Heaton...

Heaton: Which one? The one at Consequence...or the one I had over you last week on Asylum? And why do you keep calling me Heaton. It's obvious my name is not Michael Heaton. It's okay Brad JOBauer. I understand that you are mezmorized by me, Guy Fausto. Because I am the only man in OCW to completely own you...TWICE...

Bauer: How long are you going to carry on with this Fausto thing?

Heaton: Get out of here jobber, before I chinlock you.

Bauer: I've got news for you Heaton, I'm facing somebody low on the food chain tonight. I could probably still beat him even while under the diabilitating effects of the chinlock.

Bauer turns around, and sits on the floor, motioning for Heaton to apply the chinlock.

Bauer: Go ahead, I'm waiting. Put it on. You're light enough for me to carry out there. My new title weighs more than you do.

Heaton looks puzzled.

Heaton: The chinlock has a mind of it's own, it will apply itself when it feels like it. Besides, ever since you drank that spiked gaterade Versus gave've been acting weird.

Bauer stands up and gets in Heaton's face.

Bauer: I'm not acting weird! I'm acting normal. Perfectly normal I tell you. Take a Hike Mike...BRADBauer!!!

Heaton: Say it, don't spray it...sheesh...

Heaton walks away, as he's walking away, he turns around and fakes a movement towards a chinlock application, causing Bauer to flinch.

Crowd Pops.

Heaton: GOTCHA!!! Just kidding, the chinlock is saving itself for somebody fun to tap out.

Bauer stands there paranoi
d as Heaton walks away.

Carlos CRUZ v. Brad BAUER


Hopefully that loss does'nt effect him in the future.

Did'nt Brad and that title look wonderful on there way out?


t I beginning to wonder if your a little more than just a fan of Brad Bauer.

I knew you would say that! JEALOUS!


t *Sighs* We'll be right back.







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