CCW Turmoil Unleashed


Welcome back to TNT everyone! It's time to head backstage yet again to hear from a new tag team in CCW, The Hear Attacks!

Do they have Brad Bauer?


t No, not everything in CCW is about Brad Bauer Scott.



The camera shows Craig and Doug backstage in the locker room, Craigs lacing up the boots getting ready for his match.

Craig: Guess what Doug, I justgot back from Mr. Richards office. I got the champ tonight.

Motions hands around his waist, signifying a belt.

Doug: Oh yea what champ is that?

Craig: Seth Irving, the new CCW champ baby.

Doug: Oh that sucks...

Craig: What!?

Doug: No...i mean i mean good luck with that man...good luck.
*Pats Craig on the chest*

Craig: No I see man i see, you don't think I got a chance do you..

Doug: No, its not tha...

Craig: No, you know what I don't even need you in my corner tonight, Craigs got this one on his own baby.

Doug and Craig exit the locker room door, heading towards the ring.

Craig points and winks at a girl standing in the hall way. She rolls her eyes in response, the heart attacks continue down the hall.

Doug: Shake that off man...

Craig: Pssshh, she ain't nothin man, i've had plenty of women better lookin than that. Besides shes probably just married or somethin.

Doug looks back over his shoulder and winks at the girl, She smiles back and waves

Doug: Yea.....yea your probably right.

Craig and Doug are now just outside the entrance ramp.

Craig: Alright its that time baby. How do I look?

Doug: Look good man, hell if we wasn't such good friends, and you were a girl, id give ya a go...well better yet, id probably be over talking to that girl you just got denied by..

Craig: Yea real funny.


Seth IRVING v. Craig NEAL


He did everything he could, but his oppenant was the better man tonight.

Brad Bauer would'nt have lost that match, nuh-ugh no sir.


Disease by Saliva” blasts over the PA as the crowd stand on there feet, cheering can be heard throughout the arena as Chris Ryder walks out with the CCW Television Championship over his shoulder.

Chris makes his way down the ramp and into the ring, he raise’s the title in the air with one hand as the crowd continue to cheer. Already with a microphone in one hand and the championship back over his shoulder; he begins to speak.

Ryder: So how is everyone here tonight?

The crowd pop as Chris smiles, then continues.

Ryder: Glad to hear you're all having such a good time, then again how couldn’t you be? We are after all, in South Carolina!

The crowd pop once again.

Ryder - Now I haven't come out here for the cheap pops ... no I'm out here for another reason. And that would be to tell you who I will be defending this championship against.

The crowd cheer a little as Chris looks at the gold on his shoulder.

Ryder - Now as you all may know, a good friend of mine earned a shot at the gold last night, by climbing over a steel cage I might add!

The crowd pop; knowing who it is.

Ryder - ha-ha I think you all know who I'm talking about, so without further-a-due let me introduce my Mexican amigo, Carlos Cruz!

“Mexican Rap by Quinto Sol” blares out over the PA as the crowd begin to cheer, Carlos Cruz comes out from behind the curtain sporting an orange T-shirt that reads "Que Tengan Un Buen Día!" with a picture of Carlos smiling under it.

With a microphone already in hand; he makes his way down the ramp and into the ring, he looks at the title on Chris' shoulder and points at it with a smile on his face.

Cruz: Ey' how are all my amigo’s doing here in the South?

The crowd give a huge pop as chants of "Cruz" begin to echo throughout the arena, after it dies down Carlos continues.

Cruz: Wow, who knew you people loved Mexico so much.

Carlos looks at the camera and lets off a huge cheesy grin as the crowd laugh.

Cruz: Now we all know why I'm out here, but I wanna’ talk about something first if you don’t mind Chris

Chris nods in agreement as Carlos continues.

Cruz: Chris, last night was a great night for the both of us. You shocked the world by defeating The Steve and winning the Television Championship, not only that; but I believe you’re the first Light Heavyweight to hold that gold amigo

The crowd pop.

Cruz: Now that in my mind is a great achievement and I’m sure your family is proud of you essay’ … but you aren’t the only man who had a good night last night, there was another man; A man known as CARLOS CRUZ!

The crowd pop once more.

Cruz: Yes, I went through a brutal battle with Galvin Slade and I have a few scars to prove it. But it was all worth it, as I won the chance at facing the Television Champion and proving to all these people that I am more than some Wrestler from Mexico, I am a man of honour and respect, much like yourself; and I will NOT let people bring down the great name of this business.

Chris smiles and nods in agreement.

Cruz: So with that said. I Carlos De' Mario Cruz; challenge you Christopher James Ryder; to a match at the next CCW Pay per View event, for the CCW Television Championship!

A huge pop from the crowd starts as Chris grins at the idea of facing Carlos, the crowd then go silent as Chris thinks to himself for a moment.

Ryder: You’ve been working on your English haven’t you?

The Crowd laugh as Carlos shows off another cheesy grin to the camera.

Ryder: You know Carlos, it’s about time these people saw wrestling for what it really is … for them. Because without them, we’d be nothing more than people on the streets and I for one thank them for coming to these shows to watch us week after week.

The Crowd cheer as Chris continues.

Ryder: I came here to know if I had what it takes to face the best the world has to offer … I won’t know if I can until I face everyone on this roster, I won’t be at peace until I face the best this company has to offer and at the same time; give these people the BEST DAMN SHOW THAY HAVE EVER SEEN!

The crowd go crazy as chants of CCW begin.

Ryder: So you want to give these people a show Carlos? Do you want to get these people to stand on there feet after the bell rings and the three count has been made?

Carlos can be heard shouting “Yes!”

Ryder: Then you’ve got your match amigo!

The crowd go insane and begin to cheer as both men shake hands; Chris then drags in Carlos as they both go nose to nose.

Ryder: But remember Carlos, You're The Sinner and this Saint ... Is Unforgivable!

The crowd continue to cheer as Chris raise's the TV Title in the air, a mixed chants for both Chris and Carlos begin.





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